The Weekender for April 29 – May 1: Negative Advice

Welcome to another blast from the past! The Weekender series is here for another critical thought for your writerly minds. This week I want to talk about writing advice. Two weeks ago I was at I-Con 30 and took the opportunity to sit in on two writer panels: “Managing Your Writing Business” and “Breaking Into… Continue reading The Weekender for April 29 – May 1: Negative Advice

Mind The Gap

In my previous post I waxed poetically about #1k1hr and the amazing things this meme & writing schedule has done for Sprit Hackers. I have been getting writing done and making real progress in this WIP. Surprisingly, I’ve made some friends along the way via Twitter and this hashtag. That’s been fun too since Becca… Continue reading Mind The Gap

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

So six months going by between blog posts it okay, right? 🙂 Well I’m here 128 days since my last update to Copious Notes and it’s been an interesting journey so far in 2010. My desire to blog has been non-existent and it’s really through some Twitter & Facebook updates that I’ve been posting my… Continue reading Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

A Pathetic Start

It’s been a little busy in my life the past few days, as you can see from the lack of entries. I wanted to get this post done, since I promised Auria Cortes I would post my current progress of Mars. On Friday, I tried jumping back into the creative mindset and resumed my work… Continue reading A Pathetic Start

Shifting Gears

So with my Robert book now in the hands of my four faithful beta readers, I have no more work to do for now on this story. I can go ahead and shift gears into resuming my work on Mars. I know this is going to be a very interesting endeavor. For starters, I’ve never… Continue reading Shifting Gears

Working the Ends

I spent most of Friday working on my Robert story and focusing on a major item on my to-do list: the final chapter. This chapter is kind of a wrapping up of the loose ends and it’s something I’m finding somewhat difficult. Specifically, I’m trying for it to not sound rushed nor try to cram… Continue reading Working the Ends