Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

So six months going by between blog posts it okay, right? 🙂

Well I’m here 128 days since my last update to Copious Notes and it’s been an interesting journey so far in 2010. My desire to blog has been non-existent and it’s really through some Twitter & Facebook updates that I’ve been posting my small successes when writing.

Some of my time writing has been on Spirit Hackers and other time has been on some freelancing that I picked up. I applied for and was accepted to do freelance work for Demand Studios which is a similar setup to Suite101. The big difference between the two companies is that Demand provides a list of possible topics to write on and the pay is set up differently. Demand pays per article (though there are some that ad-share) while Suite101 is exclusively ad-share. In my time with Suite, one payment came and it was fairly small.

That’s a big reason I opted to end my contract with Suite. I would assume one would need to write an abundance of content in order to see a return on that work. In addition, you’re writing essentially for free until anything comes in. Demand limits you to their list on what to write but if you’re willing to branch out, there’s a lot to choose from. In the end I’ve seen a great return on my time with Demand and there’s no commitments that I can’t meet.

With Spirit Hackers, the time has gone in waves. March and April were KILLER months for my writing. The bulk of my writing was done during those few weeks and while I had no daily goals, I left my keyboard satisfied with my output. I haven’t touched my novel since the end of April but in updating my stats for this blog’s sidebar, I’m feeling good about jumping back in.

Here’s the stats for the book since the last entry here: 14,356 words written in 128 days. That averages to 112.15625 words per day. Overall that’s pretty crummy progress but writing is writing. I do like that 14K words were spit out of my brain and also that the novel now stands at 36,138 words total. The book continues to take shape and I’m still very thankful for my outlining I did at the start of this project.

Will I get this book completed in 2010? I’m more than 1/3 done but only time will tell.

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