Spirit Hackers

Anyone Evan Ellis touches dies in less than a minute. This unexplained ability has littered his past with a trail of lifeless bodies. But learning to control his “gift” is the least of Evan’s worries. Someone knows his secret and they’re coming for him.When he’s abducted and awakes in a building far below the streets of Manhattan, Evan is told of a groundbreaking discovery. It is here that Oben, a calm and methodical scientist, has spent the last ten years on an experiment that will change the course of mankind: a machine that can open a portal to the afterlife. Using this NOVA technology, anyone will be able to speak to the dead. He needs one last piece to make it work: Evan.

Oben promises to teach Evan to control his ability in exchange for his help with the experiment. But when they learn of a forgotten colleague’s dangerous plan to build his own NOVA technology, Evan has no choice but to join Oben, learn to use his ability for good, and stop an experiment that will kill thousands.

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