Setting the Record Straight

Today I wanted to bring you guys a video post, where I can better go over what is happening with my writing, frustration, Spirit Hackers and my schedule. I hope you enjoy the post. [youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”8PEvjqPqmqA”]

Time is on Your Side

Where the hell have I been?!? While that is far from the first thought in your mind, I’m sure it’s something you wondered as you were reading your usual round of writer’s blogs. Even I’ve asked myself this question in the past few days. It’s been a rough 8 days mentally for me and honestly… Continue reading Time is on Your Side

I Finally Wrote

I figured that this was such a special occasion right now, that it needed to be blogged. After way too much time not touching Spirit Hackers, I finally sat down today and got some more words down. I didn’t do spectacular, but it’s a start. More importantly, it’s a step in getting back into a… Continue reading I Finally Wrote

Short Week

As if this wasn’t easy enough judging from last week’s bust of a posting schedule, Copious Notes is going to be on a shortened posting schedule this week due to Thanksgiving. I was happy that I blogged a few entries last week but equally, if not more disappointed that I did not adhere to my… Continue reading Short Week

Baby Steps

In some ways I’m surprised it’s been almost a week since I last updated and in other ways I am not. I honestly think I left my writing drive in Bermuda or something. I’ve been just giving the muse time and I’ve been having patience with it come back into the groove, but I think… Continue reading Baby Steps

Playing Catch-Up

Good Wednesday to all Copious Notes readers out there! Just when I thought things were calming down a little, I get a reality check. To start, my RSS reader where I catch up on most of your blogs is happily sitting there with a nice, red 99 badge on it. This means there are 99… Continue reading Playing Catch-Up


This is a short & free-flowing entry. Please forgive the lack of coherence. I was getting some writing done the other day and hit a roadblock, which can be annoying when dealing with the ‘universe’ of a book. I was working on chapter 7 when I stopped mid-sentence. I realized that something that is very… Continue reading Roadblock?

A quick off-topic post

Hey everyone! This is a quick off-topic post that I wanted to share. One of my favorite sites The Consumerist has a ongoing topic about the ‘Christmas Creep’ where stores are exploiting Christmas and putting out items to buy earlier and earlier. Well yesterday I saw this at Rite Aid, snapped some pix on my… Continue reading A quick off-topic post


I’m starting to see very quickly that uploading video to the internet is a big frakkin’ pain in the butt! I have a post ready for you guys but I need Google to finish processing it so I can embed it here on my blog. As soon as it’s ready, you guys will have a… Continue reading Ugh