Aaron Crocco can be summed up as a writer and a podcaster, but complicating this further is the fact that he’s a huge geek, Apple fanboy, and loves Back to the Future so much that he owns a Delorean. In the mid-2000′s his writing spark was reignited and he’s been tearing up the keyboard ever since. 

Aaron’s 2015 debut sci-fi thriller novel SPIRIT HACKERS explores the intersection of technology and the afterlife. His Twilight Zone-esque story CHRONO VIRUS rocked readers in 2012 with its original take on space travel. In 2013 he released the tie-in story CHRONO VIRUS: FALL OF THE HORIZON. Aaron’s apocalyptic debut series AS DARKNESS ENDS explores the end of the world from many points of view. 

Aaron hails from Long Island, NY and enjoys hockey, rock & roll, coffee, and way too much ice cream.