A Pathetic Start


It’s been a little busy in my life the past few days, as you can see from the lack of entries. I wanted to get this post done, since I promised Auria Cortes I would post my current progress of Mars. On Friday, I tried jumping back into the creative mindset and resumed my work on Mars, my next book. I had written two teaser chapters and it’s only four pages, but then I stopped so I could focus on the Robert book and get it beta-ready.

Anyhow, Friday was a bust and I struggled for an hour to write. There were a bunch of starts and stops and I think the words I put down show a struggle. The words don’t flow. I have a scene in my head and I decided to lead into that with something else, and that held me up. The picture in my head that I can vividly see for days, still has not been put down to paper. That is something I *must* do. I’m hoping to get more of that done tonight, so we’ll see.

So with great displeasure I present my latest word-count:

Friday’s progress: 621 words, just over 1 page.

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