Outline Rewrite?

Mars has been a struggle for me and I have not written much in the past few months that it’s been in the works. For the first time ever, I actually created an outline, so I had an idea of where to go and to make the story flow better. Now, I don’t know if… Continue reading Outline Rewrite?

A Pathetic Start

It’s been a little busy in my life the past few days, as you can see from the lack of entries. I wanted to get this post done, since I promised Auria Cortes I would post my current progress of Mars. On Friday, I tried jumping back into the creative mindset and resumed my work… Continue reading A Pathetic Start

Shifting Gears

So with my Robert book now in the hands of my four faithful beta readers, I have no more work to do for now on this story. I can go ahead and shift gears into resuming my work on Mars. I know this is going to be a very interesting endeavor. For starters, I’ve never… Continue reading Shifting Gears