Mind The Gap

In my previous post I waxed poetically about #1k1hr and the amazing things this meme & writing schedule has done for Sprit Hackers. I have been getting writing done and making real progress in this WIP. Surprisingly, I’ve made some friends along the way via Twitter and this hashtag. That’s been fun too since Becca… Continue reading Mind The Gap

Back On Schedule

Well I think it’s an improvement from previous entries that I’m back on Copious Notes less than two months since my previous update. I’d say that’s a good move so far! Of course based on what I’ve seen on traffic and lack of comments, I’m more getting my words out there just for the sake… Continue reading Back On Schedule

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

So six months going by between blog posts it okay, right? 🙂 Well I’m here 128 days since my last update to Copious Notes and it’s been an interesting journey so far in 2010. My desire to blog has been non-existent and it’s really through some Twitter & Facebook updates that I’ve been posting my… Continue reading Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

Filing Chapter 13

The main advantage to not having specific writing goals is the immense weight lifted off my shoulders compared to goals that didn’t match up with my availability for writing. So far, this is working out good for me. I’m still getting some writing done and I still have the positive outlook that I can get… Continue reading Filing Chapter 13