This is my /now page. What’s a “now” page? It’s a place to post what I’m up to ‘now’ in a central place that I control. Think of it as an alternative to posting updates to social media. I’ll update this page periodically

If you have your own site, you should make one, too.

Last updated: Jan 16, 2024




The Count of Monte Cristo – I’m 73% complete as of the last time this page has been updated.

I’ve discovered a reading tracking site called Hardcover. I’m giving it a try in my never-ending quest to ditch GoodReads for something better.


I’m really enjoying The Maine lately. Their track How To Exit A Room is incredible.


Currently getting into Yellowjackets.

I’ve recently added all of Technology Connections’ videos to my Plex server so I can enjoy them free of YouTube’s nonsense. It’s a channel I used to not like at all, but then seeing some great EV videos warmed me up to Alec.


2024 has a lot of personal stuff in store for me and my loved ones. I’ll keep those details to myself.

I’m looking to expand TimeMachiner’s readership and paid members. The goal is to double the current membership from 5 to 10 by end of year.