Autographing eBooks

Click the image to see a larger version Buckle up folks. This is a long entry but it’s step-by-step instructions for doing something revolutionary. Autographs. We love them. We love getting our books signed and having something hand-written alongside a machine-produced book of text. For ages people have taken their books to an event and… Continue reading Autographing eBooks

Sharing My Knowledge

UPDATE: Looks like I posted just a few hours too hours too early because the speaker schedule has been posted! I’ll be speaking from 1:55 – 2:05 PM so be on the lookout for me after you’re done with lunch! ——————— I’m taking a break from ‘The Weekender’ this week in order to bring an… Continue reading Sharing My Knowledge

Talk your way out of it

You’ll have to excuse the lack of picture for today’s post. I spent a good 10 minutes looking for a picture that would fit today’s topic or be a play on words for today, but I was unable to find anything. So, you’re stuck with just this entry. Right now, I want you to close… Continue reading Talk your way out of it

Writing Exercise

Back in January I posted a writing excercise to help get people’s writing juices flowing. Back in high school and college, we frequently used ‘jump starts’ to get some free writing done. It’s a nice way to jump start because you just make things up as you go and don’t worry about spelling, grammar or… Continue reading Writing Exercise