I’m reading Freezing Point, are you?

Happy Thursday everybody! I hope everybody is doing well, and enjoyed yesterday’s post about the freezing point launch party. If you haven’t gotten a chance to head over to Karen’s website I highly recommend you check it out. A quick update from me, I am currently enjoying the book and as of last night I… Continue reading I’m reading Freezing Point, are you?

Back in action

Happy Monday everybody! First, I would like to give thanks to everybody who commented on my post about not feeling so well. While I wasn’t stuck in bed all week, I definitely had to drive to only go to work and sit on my couch and eat soup. But now I am back in action… Continue reading Back in action

Let the writing begin!

Hello and good Monday to all you copious notes readers out there! Last week, I left off with you guys letting you know that my research poor should for Spirit hackers is pretty much complete. Well, I am excited to say that not only do I start the book, but I actually restarted it today.… Continue reading Let the writing begin!

Wrapping up the research

Hey everyone! Again, just another heads-up that this is a dictated post and I do apologize in advance for any odd grammatical errors. Just to let you know that I do plan on posting another edition of lyrically speaking later on today. For now though, I wanted to talk about my current research/outlining process. As… Continue reading Wrapping up the research

Making the Bad Guy

Today brought another round of development work on Spirit Hackers. Now that I have pictures of what I think my characters look like, I wanted to focus more on my main bad guy. My antagonist is someone who needs a good backstory. I will admit that I have never put so much development work into… Continue reading Making the Bad Guy

Getting the Picture

Well I’m here to check in with everyone as to the progress of Spirit Hackers. My preliminary writing has gone pretty well so far and I think I’ll actually be able to begin writing within the next week or two. I’m not setting an actual goal time because I want to be ready when the… Continue reading Getting the Picture