Nothing To Brag About

Good Monday to everyone out there. With the beginning of this week, I wanted to brag post my progress on Spirit Hackers. I worked on this the other night and decided not to post right away because it interfered with my other posts and I didn’t want to give you guys too much hotness (AKA… Continue reading Nothing To Brag About

New Story Progress

Last week I introduced you all to my new project Spirit Hackers. It’s a story that I feel passionate about (unlike Mars) and I believe that this can be a really great book. Unfortunately I was sidelined with a cold and didn’t get much writing done. Last night I was able to get back in… Continue reading New Story Progress

A New Story

It’s interesting how the writers brain works. For a long while now I’ve been struggling with Mars and I haven’t been doing any writing. Earlier this week I decided I needed to officially put Mars on hold and figure out what I wanted to do. The struggles of the book were not helping my lack… Continue reading A New Story

A Pathetic Start

It’s been a little busy in my life the past few days, as you can see from the lack of entries. I wanted to get this post done, since I promised Auria Cortes I would post my current progress of Mars. On Friday, I tried jumping back into the creative mindset and resumed my work… Continue reading A Pathetic Start