Still Researchin’

Hey C.N. crew! I decided to give Lyrically Speaking the week off, to mirror my day off! I have a busy weekend with some things going on, so I don’t think I’ll be getting too much done on Spirit Hackers within the next few days. I wanted to give you all an update though on how it’s coming. It can be summed up in three words: I’m still researching.

My plot breakthroughs have been major and I am confident that the story is coming together really well. I am eager to get the story started but I also know I need a solid foundation to base the story on. Some of my biggest hang-ups have been the melding of the science with the fiction. I just keep trying to think of how other authors have done it and go from there. At a certain point, I just need to make stuff up to make the pieces fit and get the story going. The key is to make sure that the line is blurred between those areas.

For now, I’m finishing up some research that would make anyone laugh if they saw what I was looking at right now. Lets just say 80’s cartoons and wikipedia are counting towards my research, as absurd as that sounds! 🙂

For now, everyone have a great weekend and enjoy the nice fall temperatures we’re getting these days. I appreciate any feedback you guys have for me.


  1. LOL- what people must think of us when we research. I once bought several, um, “questionable” books at Barnes and Noble for research and the girl at the counter thought I was insane. I bet your is similar, huh?

  2. Colby- “Questionable” books eh? Do I really want to know what type of book you’re writing? lol. Mine is just…. odd. I can’t really put it any other way.

    A- Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone in this crazy world of odd research!

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