Getting the Picture

Well I’m here to check in with everyone as to the progress of Spirit Hackers. My preliminary writing has gone pretty well so far and I think I’ll actually be able to begin writing within the next week or two. I’m not setting an actual goal time because I want to be ready when the story tells me it’s ready.

For now, here is what I have accomplished:

1. Basic – intermediate outline. I have mapped out the key scenes of the book using a tool I’ll speak of in another post. By getting this map put together, I was able to set up the in-between chapters that will drive the story to the eventual climax. I don’t have it totally hammered out yet but I think the plot is probably 60-75% figured out.

2. Character development. I already had my character names but I really needed to develop their whole biographies and also get their features and language sorted out. So far I have some of the basics but I still need to get their motivations, backstories and also their distinctive language worked out. A big plus was that today I worked on finding pictures online of people that I believe fit the images I have of my characters in my head. I copied them all to my computer so I can more easily and accurately describe them as they go through the book. This was a big breakthrough that happened today.

3. A plot that makes sense. The last post I wrote that spoke of my plot highlighted the fact that I really needed to figure out where this story was going. I came up with a basic story of what the characters will do, that delves a little deeper than the outline I posted in #1.

So that is what I have so far. I really want to talk to you guys about the setup I am beginning to use for this book but it’s not 100% ready yet. I hope to also post more consistently this week, as I want to keep you guys up to date and also not let this place get stale. I appreciate all your comments and visits here. This is a part of what keeps me going.

I’ll see you all real soon!


  1. Character names are difficult to come by, at least for me. But on the flipside, anytime a woman is pregnant, I have a zillion name options to provide.

  2. Auria- I hear you on the name thing. This is the first time ever that I didn’t have a problem coming up with names.

    Melanie- Thank you! I’m trying to be positive so that it builds momentum. 🙂

    Janna- Who you callin’ buddy…. pal? Thanks. hehe.

    A- Glad to know you’re checking here so often. I better get a new post up!

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