I’m reading Freezing Point, are you?

Happy Thursday everybody! I hope everybody is doing well, and enjoyed yesterday’s post about the freezing point launch party. If you haven’t gotten a chance to head over to Karen’s website I highly recommend you check it out. A quick update from me, I am currently enjoying the book and as of last night I… Continue reading I’m reading Freezing Point, are you?

Audio & Video?

You guys may do what I do and listen to podcasts. I listen to a great one called “I Should Be Writing” and I’m always using it to help inspire me. Now I had originally intended to possibly podcast along with this blog. I’m curious to know what you guys think about this. Would you… Continue reading Audio & Video?

And Now An Experiment

I was reading the awesome Absolute Write forums this afternoon and read about different ways people try to generate more traffic to their blogs and sites. Now of course, I would love to have a consistant set of visitors that come here to read new information I post and people who generally enjoy my writing.… Continue reading And Now An Experiment