Autographing eBooks

Click the image to see a larger version Buckle up folks. This is a long entry but it’s step-by-step instructions for doing something revolutionary. Autographs. We love them. We love getting our books signed and having something hand-written alongside a machine-produced book of text. For ages people have taken their books to an event and… Continue reading Autographing eBooks

Back To Work

Last week was quite the whirlwind and honestly, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. The launch of my first ever published book was a success and I’m incredibly humbled by those who have supported me and the generous reviews the book has received on Amazon, B&N and GoodReads. Now… I get back to… Continue reading Back To Work

My First Review!

Now that As Darkness Ends is out for everyone to read, I’ve been lucky enough to have a review of the book posted online as well! The fantastic book-review site Ruled By Books has a great write-up of my debut book. I’m still spinning from the response I’ve gotten from everyone so far and the… Continue reading My First Review!

As Darkness Ends Release: The Live-Blog!

With today being the release of my book As Darkness Ends, I will be live-blogging the day’s events today. This post will be constantly updated today with news, stats and more! Feel free to comment here, jump onto my Facebook page or catch me on Twitter to join in the fun! 10:00 PM: Alright, I’m… Continue reading As Darkness Ends Release: The Live-Blog!