As Darkness Ends Release: The Live-Blog!

With today being the release of my book As Darkness Ends, I will be live-blogging the day’s events today. This post will be constantly updated today with news, stats and more! Feel free to comment here, jump onto my Facebook page or catch me on Twitter to join in the fun!

10:00 PM:

Alright, I’m wrapping it for the night. Thanks again to everyone for a great day. We’ll be back to normal blogging tomorrow!

9:35 PM:

Since I’ve talked a lot about autographs, here’s what one looks like on my Kindle within my book. I plan to have an in-depth blog post (probably with video) explaining this process and how it’s done.

9:20 PM:

The night is wrapping up. Only a few people expressed interest in me doing a signing tonight so I decided against it. I plan on having a signing / reading later on that will be more organized and have more time for people to be aware of it and plan ahead.

Right now I’m just making sure I thank everyone who’s stopped by and let everyone know how thankful I am for their support. 🙂

7:45 PM:

I’m back home and working the controls! There’s been a few votes so far for a signing tonight but I’m not sure if there’s enough interest. Be sure to vote if you want there to be a signing. Right now, I’m aiming for 8:30 if enough people want to do it.

4:15 PM:

I’ll be stepping out for a couple of hours but another update!

I’m considering another book signing tonight! Head on over to my fan page and vote! I’ll be making my decision based on the results.

4:00 PM:

I’m giving away a few free copies of the book! Come on over to Facebook, G+ or on Twitter and answer a trivia question to get your copy for free!!

1:05 PM:

Want your copy of As Darkness Ends signed? Come hang out with me on Google+ now or show me a pic of your eReader on the ‘thanks for reading’ page. I will sign a copy and email it back to you.

Need a Google+ invite? Email me at Aaron (at) AaronCrocco (dot) com and I’ll send you one.

12:30 PM:

Big announcement! I will be doing an impromptu virtual *book signing in 30-minutes!* You can get your eBook signed starting at 1:00 PM eastern time. I’ll go for at least 30-minutes but longer if enough people show up.

As a bonus, I’ll be in a Google+ Hangout the whole time. Be sure to stop in, say hello and get your copy of my book signed! If you need a Google+ invitation, tell me your email address and I’ll send one your way!

12:12 PM:

I’m going to have a big book announcement at 12:30. Be sure you have your book on-hand! Kindle: Nook:

11:35 AM:

I don’t know if I had mentioned this before, but my GoodReads author profile was approved and updated! As Darkness Ends is on GoodReads. This website is fantastic for finding books and like-minded readers. Think of it as Facebook for bookworms. If you get a minute, click the logo above to see my book on the site and leave a review! You’ll find a lot of great book stuff there.

10:15 AM:

And we’re off!

The morning has been busy making sure all websites like Amazon and B&N are showing the book properly. A few people have already dropped in on the Facebook party.

I’m starting an album of people taking pictures of them with the book. So grab your Kindle / Nook and your camera! Snap a picture and upload it to my Facebook page. If you want to qualify for a giveaway happening in a few hours, flip to the ‘Social’ page at the end and take a picture of the page with you in it. Upload that too and you’re in!

9:00 AM:

As of right now, As Darkness Ends ranks #26 in the science fiction anthology section!

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