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Happy November! The year is quickly coming to a close and we’re entering the very busy Thanksgiving / ‘holiday’ season. If you’ve been reading Copious Notes for the past few years, you will know that I am a big fan of Thanksgiving. In fact, the turkey day is my favorite holiday of the year. We give thanks, appreciate family and the fortunate things we have in our lives. What can beat that?

This year I am extraordinarily fortunate to have a book published and this month I am sitting down to begin work on book two of As Darkness Ends. It is with this book that I am embarking on a mission to use my powers for good and I need your help.

Together we are going to help people in need and work to end childhood hunger.

So here’s the deal: During the entire month of November I am holding a contest for As Darkness Ends: Book Two. For every dollar donated, you gain an entry into a drawing for a fabulous prize. All money raised will go to Share Our Strength, a charity committed to ending childhood hunger in the United States by 2015. My goal is to raise a minimum of $300.

What is the No Kid Hungry campaign? Here’s what Share Our Strength says:

No Kid Hungryâ„¢, an unprecedented, five-year effort designed to end childhood hunger in America. Our nation has the food and programs in place to end childhood hunger, but consider what we are up against: The stigmas and embarrassment that surround hunger, the challenges presented by access to healthy food, and the struggle to connect children with the resources they need to thrive. For 25 years, Share Our Strength has been confronting hunger head-on to break down these barriers. Together, with your support, we can put an end to childhood hunger.

About Share Our Strength:

Share Our Strength’s Impact:

I liked fresh, hot meals as a kid but there are many here in the US that are not so lucky to have this basic need.

The Prize

What would a fundraiser be without prizes?? Share Our Strength is a great cause but I wanted to sweeten the pot for you guys. For every dollar you guys donate, you gain an entry into a drawing for…

A Character Named After You!!!

That’s right! One randomly-selected winner will have a character named after them in As Darkness Ends: Book Two! If you don’t want it to be your actual name, you can opt to make up a name. The fundraiser ends on November 30th at 11:59 PM Eastern time. The donations and the drawing will take place the following week, details to follow on this blog.

Please note that I reserve all rights to ask for supplemental names, alter or reject a name at any time. So be generous, get your pre-orders in and let’s all work together to make sure childhood hunger is a thing of the past!

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