The Elusive Title

My untitled story has troubled me in the sense that I have never had problems naming my stories. My struggle has always been with character names but not so in this novel nor in Mars. I have just been referring to it as the untitled story and even the file itself on my computer is… Continue reading The Elusive Title

16 Pages To Go

I finally banged out some editing last night. I went from page 100 to page 106, leaving me with only 16 pages left to edit. The pages I went through last night definitely need some tweaking and I may even drop half of a chapter because it doesn’t seem to do anything and is a… Continue reading 16 Pages To Go

I Must Focus

My editing has gotten (almost) the end. I’m on page 100 of 122 and my mind has been drifting ahead on publishing. The more I think about it, the more I’m not editing. I gotta focus and get this thing done. At my current rate, this round of editing should be done within two or… Continue reading I Must Focus