Project X: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

With my days off from work falling on Wednesday and Thursday, my ‘weekend’ is always a little off-kilter. The advantage though is that I’m the only adult who’s home and that provides good writing time as long as I’m able to manage my time properly. This past ‘weekend’ I was able to complete my work… Continue reading Project X: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Calling for Submissions!

Last week I was graced with a comment by Stephanie, a fellow writer who is working on starting a new e-zine for writers. This publication is online-only and looking for people to submit their work if they’re looking to get published. I thought this new publication, The Oddville Press, sounded interesting and I wanted to… Continue reading Calling for Submissions!

Could I Freelance?

I don’t work in a writing environment. I’ve even blogged about how to make the transition into making money from my writing. Along with my Robert book and Mars, I’m thinking there has to be a way to submit short stories or articles to publications in order to generate some cash. I would hope that… Continue reading Could I Freelance?


I was browsing the Absolute Write FAQ on formatting manuscripts for submission. This FAQ is really interesting, as it goes through all the nitty-gritty questions that many people (including myself) have. Here’s one of the top tips I found there: Chapter Start Point Definition: When beginning a new chapter, the point on the page where… Continue reading Formatting