Can You Hear Me Now?

Update: Out Now!!

The audio book is out! You can get it here:

I’m very excited to bring this post to everyone. When I started work on As Darkness Ends I had a game plan about how I wanted to distribute the book and get the word out. One important aspect to this are audio books. Now we all know about Audible and books on tape (do people even get those any more?) but in the past few years a new medium has emerged: the podiobook.

So what’s a “podiobook”? It’s exactly what it sounds like, an audio book that is distributed in podcast form. A story is serialized and delivered in “episodes”, each one a chunk of the story. I first learned about podiobooks when I heard Nathan Lowell guest on I Should Be Writing back in ’09. He spoke about his amazing Traders Tales series and his success on I checked out the site and found a huge amount of books on audio and free! I was hooked.

Fast forward to 2011 and I’ve listened to a multitude of books and (most importantly!) donated / supported the authors I’ve checked out. Podiobooks has a fantastic setup where you listen for free and if you like the book, you’re encouraged to donate to the author. I’ve done this for some writers while others I’ve bought their books on Kindle to support them in that fashion. Either way, it’s a win.

This is a fantastic system to distribute books on audio and also support independent authors and I HAD to get on-board with them. So that’s what I’ve done. The audio version of As Darkness Ends: Book One is coming out on audio… this Friday! The story is six episodes and narrated by me. I had a blast recording the story and producing it for everyone to hear.

I hope you check it out and enjoy hearing the story again for the first time.

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