A Long Time Coming

Wow, this blog post is one that I at times never thought I’d ever write. It almost doesn’t feel real and honestly I’m not sure what to think because I’ve been on such a writing tirade these past couple of months. Two words I’ve wanted to say are now possible here on Copious Notes: I’m done!!!!

That’s right, tonight I completed the final chapter of Spirit Hackers. It took me 853 days, which is 2 years and 4 months of on-again off-again writing. It’s been a long time coming! From the start when I first thought up the idea and got some words down,the book’s gone through a scrapping & rewrite, the relaunch of my podcast and then finally the return of the drive with me learning about #1k1hr on Twitter. To say it’s been a long journey would be a huge understatement.

While not hitting the absolute goal I set out for when I first decided to write this book, I’ve exceed all expectations with it. For one, it’s the longest thing I’ve ever written in my life. Second, it’s the first time I’ve ever outlined and you know, it works great! My characters did go off-script at times and adjustments were needed but it was for the better. Sometimes they have lives of their own and I will say it’s something I enjoyed.

So of course this party can’t last forever. The dreaded land of editing awaits me but then I get to give my work to a couple of beta readers for the first round of bashing, I mean feedback. THAT gets me excited.

So while I’ve updated the sidebar with my progress, here are the final stats of Spirit Hackers:

Status: First Draft Complete
Word Count: 72,149

I know it sounds cheesy but I’m proud of myself. For just a moment, I’m going to allow myself a moment to be happy with where I am before proceeding.

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