Filing Chapter 13

The main advantage to not having specific writing goals is the immense weight lifted off my shoulders compared to goals that didn’t match up with my availability for writing. So far, this is working out good for me. I’m still getting some writing done and I still have the positive outlook that I can get much done this year, but it’s nice to not feel stress.

I started thumbing through “The War of Art” By Steven Pressfield which is a real eye-opener and kick in the butt to get personal projects off the ground. I won’t go into much detail about it but if you feel yourself struggling against ‘Resistance’ then you should really check out his handy-helper.

With that said, I did get work done on Spirit Hackers last week. I completed chapter 13 and this brings me into a transition point in the novel where the story will progress to the next ‘plot point’. I feel that the fact that I prepared to write this book with an outline has significantly helped me since gaps in my time to write has caused me to re-read where I last left off. I’m sure when I finish the book and read it over, it’ll feel slightly disjointed and it’ll need some finesse. Regardless, writing is writing so I say ‘Mission Accomplished’.

Spirit Hackers now stands at 13 completed chapters with 21,792 words. My book has passed the 20k word count and is officially more than a quarter written. Not so bad. Lets see what next week brings.


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