Kindle Discount

Hey all, I’m packing up for my vacation but needed to post quickly because this is time-sensitive. My wife showed me that yesterday on Oprah, she declared the Kindle her favorite gadget EVER. She gave one to everyone in the audience and also had Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon on the show. She is… Continue reading Kindle Discount

Capacious Kindle for October 21

So if you’re a Kindle owner like me, one of the biggest worries about buying one is the lingering question of getting an obsolete device. More specifically, it’s the fear of buying a Kindle when a new one may be around the corner. Now, all technology products have product cycles, but Apple and their big-time… Continue reading Capacious Kindle for October 21

Capacious Kindle for September 15

Hey everyone, this is a video post all about the Amazon Kindle basics. It’s a bit long (27 minutes) but I think you’ll all enjoy ‘seeing’ the Kindle up close. Enjoy! [googlevideo=]

Capacious Kindle for July 15

I’m going to pat myself on the back for this post because I was “this close” to not posting at all today. If you’re not sure why, see the previous post about my hellish weekend to Mass. Anyhow…. it’s Tuesday and that means we’re back to speaking about my favorite eBook reader, the Amazon Kindle.… Continue reading Capacious Kindle for July 15