Capacious Kindle for October 21

Kindle 2?

So if you’re a Kindle owner like me, one of the biggest worries about buying one is the lingering question of getting an obsolete device. More specifically, it’s the fear of buying a Kindle when a new one may be around the corner. Now, all technology products have product cycles, but Apple and their big-time events have brought that cycle into the mainstream consciousness so people are always afraid to upgrade. Me, I knew the Kindle was only four months old when I purchased it so I knew I would be safe for a bit. That time for a Kindle 2 may be upon us.

On October 4th, Boy Genius Report posted ‘spy pictures’ of a possible Kindle 2 in the wild. These are thorough and seem pretty real. I’m not so sure if they’re Photoshopped. They could always be fake (hot products get this treatment from rabid fans) but I will say one thing about this: I STILL don’t regret getting my Kindle.

Seeing these pictures, I’m actually glad I bought the first iteration of the ebook reader because in my opinion it looks better than this second revision. The larger body makes the e-paper look smaller and I don’t think I would actually like this version. So for now, my $400 investment is safe and I am still enjoying it. I have read more in this year that I have in any year in my life. Most of all, I am enjoying it. The interesting thing about these reports is that since the story ran, there has been nothing on the Kindle front. Either Amazon is keeping things under wraps or these are fake.

So if you’re thinking of getting a Kindle, don’t fear the possibility of change. Just because a new one of anything comes out, it doesn’t mean your gadget is slower, smaller, or even crappy. It’s still the same device you fell in love with the first time you plunked down the cash.


  1. Agree with you here. If kindle 2.0 is only about a bit of a redesign, I think my investment is safe. If they introduce new features or improved usability, I might be a little annoyed.

  2. I’ve been intrigued by the Kindle for a while now, but haven’t anted up yet. And yes, by the time I do so, I’m sure an upgrade will be right around the corne. It’s just how technology and I roll!

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