Capacious Kindle for July 22

I really wanted to title this post “I’m a reader, not a writer” but I figure that I beat up on myself enough right now about not getting any writing done and so I’ll keep with the standard title this week. It’s great to get this post up because I just finished yet another book on my Kindle I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell by Tucker Max. This is the fifth book I’ve read since owning my Kindle and now makes 2008 the ‘most books read’ year in probably most of my life (excluding college).

It seems my inital goal of reading more is working out and my Kindle was a good purchase in that regard. I get a solid 30 minutes in each day during my lunch breaks and I get a few pages in here and there while at home. The portability factor is huge for getting me to read more. Just like my iPhone, it is almost always with me.

My writing drive may have waned again but I think that the fact that I’m reading does keep things moving along, even if it’s at a snails pace and doesn’t at new words to Spirit Hackers. I was never a big reader before just due to time and such, but the Kindle makes it too easy and gives me no excuses. As you all probably knew already, I am in love with this thing.

Next up to read is between two books: Confessions of an Economic Hitman or The Lincoln Lawyer. I’m trying to sample each for free right now to see which one looks better. I started the first four pages of L.L. yesterday. We’ll see how it goes!


  1. Seems like your breezing through em’, I have been reading about the Kindle on your blog and it seems to me I have made my decision; I’m going to skip the Kindle and get the IPhone 3G. The Kindle seems a bit to single task for its price, I need something that can do everything in a portable way. Great post, btw

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