Being Selective

Last month Amazon made headlines, yet again, with the launch of a new program for people publishing with their KDP platform. This offering, called KDP Select, is an aggressive move by Amazon to lock up the market of eBooks while providing value to authors and readers. In a nutshell, enrolling a book in KDP Select… Continue reading Being Selective

We’re on Final Approach

It’s Friday. For most that means it’s the end of a work week and for us in the Northeast, a hectic one where we’re still recovering from Hurricane Irene. For me, it means we are only five days away from the launch of As Darkness Ends. My ‘weekend’ is currently Wednesday and Thursday so the… Continue reading We’re on Final Approach

This Gets Me Excited

Electronic books. eBooks. eReaders. Kindle, Nook, iBooks / iPad, Sony Reader. The list goes on and on with company after company releasing electronic ways to read. What was once a floundering device that no one in their right mind would use was turned on its head in late 2007 when Amazon announced the first Kindle… Continue reading This Gets Me Excited

The Kindle 2: Now Shipping

I want to do a full write-up tomorrow about the Kindle 2, but I want to post that today is the first day of Kindle 2’s availability. The unit is still $359 and doesn’t ship with a cover any more, but it looks really thin and the page-turning buttons have been completely redesigned. Even more… Continue reading The Kindle 2: Now Shipping

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