Have it Your Way- Freezing Point (Kindle Edition)

Some of you who visit Copious Notes also visit Melanie’s blog, where she talks about her writing in Mexico. For a while now, she has been talking about her Aunt Karen Dionne and her new book that is coming out in just a few days titled Freezing Point. I’ve been excited about this book, because it is someone in my small writers community who can see someone breaking out and I think it’s an inspiration for us all.

I’ve been hoping (and commenting to Melanie) that I wished the book would come out for the Amazon Kindle, as it’s my primary reading method. Sure enough, today I found out that Freezing Point will be released for the Kindle on September 30th! This is the same launch day as the print version, which makes me very excited. It’s even $1 cheaper than the print version, which is always a nice thing.

The book seems right up my alley (you can read a synopsis on Karen’s website) and I’m actually finishing the exciting The Last Patriot by Brad Thor and I may even be done by the end of this week. I didn’t have a book set for ‘on-deck’ and I think Freezing Point is going to be the next book I read on my Kindle.

I’ll definitely let everyone know how it is, but judging from the praise it’s gotten, I think it will be a great read!


  1. I’m about 80% done with The Last Patriot, so I’m hoping to get to Freezing Point within a week or two. I may accelerate my reading to finish a great book and start another.

  2. It’s not a problem at all Melanie. I’m excited to read it also. Perhaps I can even interview her at some point. That would make things even more interesting.

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