Capacious Kindle for November 19

All you Kindle lovers are in for a treat today. Back on October 24th, there was a lot of buzz about a new gadget Oprah was going to unveil on her show as her new favorite gadget ever. I hadn’t heard anything about what it could be, but after just a few minutes I saw she is in love with the Kindle!!

Oprah spends almost 15 minutes talking about it and demonstrating it with Jeff Bezos, who is the founder of Rather than recap the whole thing, I’ve cut up the video into two parts so you can see for yourself. Today is part one, which runs about six minutes. If these two videos don’t convince you that the Kindle is the wave of the future, I don’t know what will.


**UPDATE: YouTube has pulled the video, so please follow the link below to watch the video:
Click here to see the Video.


  1. No stake in the Kindle? Perhaps. But aren’t you just a wee bit tempted to think she might own Amazon stock? Imagine having the power to drive up your own stock values…

    But maybe she doesn’t. And it does look like a really cool machine. I’ll let them work out the bugs before I consider buying though. There are always bugs.

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