Capacious Kindle for September 3

Hey, it’s a familiar sight: a Capacious Kindle post! Woohoo! I figured this series of posts needed to come back from the dead and I still need to figure out when to regularly post about my great ebook device.

Anyhow, this time I wanted to recap my Kindle experience by talking about the books I’ve read. Just the other night I completed my sixth Kindle book. I received my Kindle around the end of March and I must honestly say I’ve never read so much or so consistently in my life. So far, my goal of getting a Kindle has worked out well. It’s kept my interest in books, which in-turn keeps me interested in writing, which in-turn gets my ass in the chair. I wanted to share my Kindle books with you guys because I believe the books I’ve read were read for a reason.

I first started with Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. I specifically chose this book because I love Dan Brown and it was the last one I hadn’t read. I knew it was the best book to suck me into the Kindle universe. I’m sure most of you have either read this or Da Vinci Code, which are both amazing. A&D is also becoming a movie.

I moved on to a book called The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson. The book was non-fiction and was just an interesting recap of an eccentric childhood of a boy living in Iowa in the fifties. The book has a whole bunch of events that are seen through a kids eyes and they really bring home the sense of an America we’ve left behind. I really enjoyed this one.

I then hit up a new author that I didn’t hear of before: Linda Fairstein. Her book Killer Heat sounded interesting, as it followed a female lawyer through New York trying to solve a series of murders. Unfortunately the story seemed really ‘formula-centric’ and just seemed like she followed a ‘write by numbers’ outline. It somewhat held my attention and I felt it was totally predictable.

With one book not going so well, I decided to return to an old favorite: Stephen Coonts. He writes 24-esque books dealing with terrorist plots and government agents trying to stop them. I’ve read two other books by him and figured The Traitor would be a sure-fire win. Well it seemed that my sure-thing was a bad thing. Coonts seemed to forget the plot within a few chapters in. I found myself confused by what was going on and frankly I was bored. Looked like I was 2-2 in the Kindle world.

I had heard a lot of the book I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max. This book seemed to be a total ‘guys book’ where he talked about all the amazing situations and stories guys talk about when they get together. Now, I don’t consider myself a typical guy (don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t go around screwing anything that moves) but I can still find humor in the actions. Well Max didn’t disappoint and there were many-a-real LOL’s going on as I read through some amazing circumstances of debauchery that went on in his life. The book seemed to get repetitive as it went on, but by that point I only had about 30 pages to go. It seemed that the Kindle world was redeemed!

My last book of completion was Confessions of an Economic Hitman. This book is really interesting and the scary part is that it’s non-fiction. The basic premise is that the author was sent into third-world countries to conduct fake studies that would convince the world banks to make ridiculous loans that the country could never pay back. By becoming indebted to the US, the country could be manipulated as we saw fit. The book starts back as far as the 70’s and shows all the preludes to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Scary stuff indeed. Unfortunately, just like Max’s book, it became repetitive and I found myself skipping pages near the end. I won’t lie when I say i was relieved to hit the Appendix.

So there you go, a brief look as to what I have been reading. I’m still browsing the Kindle store for a new book but I may have found a winner. I suppose I’ll talk about that more in my next C.K. entry.

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