Short Week


As if this wasn’t easy enough judging from last week’s bust of a posting schedule, Copious Notes is going to be on a shortened posting schedule this week due to Thanksgiving. I was happy that I blogged a few entries last week but equally, if not more disappointed that I did not adhere to my ‘post-a-day’ schedule I set down for myself. Looking to recover this week, I’m hoping to blog today (already done with this entry!), tomorrow and Wednesday. After that, it’s time for Turkey and for everyone to spend time with their loved ones and give thanks.

I hope everyone enjoyed the first half of Capacious Kindle from last week where the Kindle was featured on Oprah. I have part two ready to go and hope that contributes to an entry for this week. Additionally, I did not forget all the great questions and writing prompts posed to me about a month ago. Look for answers and some on-the-fly writing to come out of that great feedback.

Again I apologize for slacking off. Trust me when I say it’s not just with blogging & writing that I am having trouble finding my groove again. Regaining my ‘lifestyle groove’ is the goal for the next few days. I appreciate everyone hanging in there for the ride!

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  1. Aw, it’s okay 🙂 I’m pretty out of the groove myself, and am looking to finish some stressful projects some I can finally calm down and get back in gear. Good luck to you.


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