Out Of Sync

Hello Copious Notes readers! I bring you this early Tuesday post to let you all know that I am *still* trying to get my body back into the groove of the real life, consisting of work and little time at home. Briefly, my weekend was long and I discovered first-hand that the streets of Boston… Continue reading Out Of Sync

Goodbye Writers Group

For days I’ve worked on how I would phrase this blog entry. I figure that I’ll just state the facts and then proceed to give my opinions lower down, for people who want to know more if you’re interested. So here goes: I have been kicked out of my writers group. The story, from my… Continue reading Goodbye Writers Group

Outline Rewrite?

Mars has been a struggle for me and I have not written much in the past few months that it’s been in the works. For the first time ever, I actually created an outline, so I had an idea of where to go and to make the story flow better. Now, I don’t know if… Continue reading Outline Rewrite?

The Elusive Title

My untitled story has troubled me in the sense that I have never had problems naming my stories. My struggle has always been with character names but not so in this novel nor in Mars. I have just been referring to it as the untitled story and even the file itself on my computer is… Continue reading The Elusive Title