A quick off-topic post

Hey everyone! This is a quick off-topic post that I wanted to share. One of my favorite sites The Consumerist has a ongoing topic about the ‘Christmas Creep’ where stores are exploiting Christmas and putting out items to buy earlier and earlier.

Well yesterday I saw this at Rite Aid, snapped some pix on my iPhone and sent them in. It’s up on the front page right now! If you’re reading this post a little later, the direct link is here.

I’ll be back later today or early tomorrow with a normal post. I am feeling better, thanks for the well wishes. Enjoy!


  1. Awesome they posted your pics and comments. I can’t think of the right way to express this, but I’m finding it ironic that as a writer, you got something “published” about Xmas. That would be my same fate, lol.

  2. Christmas Creep is really creepy. We already ignore Thanksgiving, and NOW Halloween? I love Halloween. I like Christmas too, but it needs to calm down and stop cutting the the holiday line up.

    Thanks for posting this picture. It set me free to rant.

  3. Melanie- I ran this by the wife and she says it doesn’t qualify. Oh well, the quest continues! lol

    Melody- I think it’s annoying because not everyone celebrates Christmas (I do, but I’m jewish (long story)) but EVERY American celebrates Thanksgiving. I don’t like that such a great holiday gets the shaft. Thanksgiving is my fav. Feel free to rant any time!

    Janna- Yeah, I chuckled at that as well. Gotta love it. That site is the best though.

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