This is a short & free-flowing entry. Please forgive the lack of coherence.

I was getting some writing done the other day and hit a roadblock, which can be annoying when dealing with the ‘universe’ of a book. I was working on chapter 7 when I stopped mid-sentence. I realized that something that is very important to my book was never hashed out in my outlining. More specifically, it is a piece of machinery that I never came up with a shape or design for. I just had a simple idea in my head and never hashed it out. So now I am at a roadblock until I can describe this thing. I really can’t make a place-holder either due to the mechanics being interlaced within the story. It seems I need to get this thing figured out so I can continue.

I did pull out a piece of paper and tried to sketch it out but I suck at drawing and my first ‘design’ doesn’t look like how I want this thing to go. My new goal is to figure this whole thing out and get the logistics working as quick as possible.

Don’t you just hate roadblocks?!?!


  1. Yes! I do hate them. I’ve come to one, too, though it’s not anything major, just something I have to figure out. It’s just that, even though I could move ahead and write later scenes, I feel like I’m cheating by not getting over this hurdle first. Argh!

  2. Oh gosh, yes. I hit one with my MC’s workplace. I knew how it needed to work, and kind of how I wanted it to look, maybe like that floor on the stock market. I would do good until I had to figure out a new aspect of the building, and then I had to stop, plan it all out, write a little bit to see if it worked, go back and plan some more. The good news is that now I know everything you ever could about the building :p

    Good luck with your machine!

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