Still Editing

So I’ve spent the past three hours editing my robert story and I’ve made some decent progress. I’ve found that a lot of my editing has been making lists of certain areas of the story to see where they happen and to make sure it’s balanced and not too much of one part. The editing… Continue reading Still Editing

Working on the beast

My procrastination for editing my untitled story came to a head tonight and I finally forewent TiVo and got some much-needed editing done. I’m using a great little program called TaskPaper to keep a running list of items to work on. As I reference an item, I make edits to the list entry and it’s… Continue reading Working on the beast

Thursday Thirteen #130

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you all liked last weeks debut of my Thursday Thirteen. If you ever want a theme or any other items for me to list, feel free to suggest it and I’ll see what I can do. For this week, my T.T. will focus on editing, as that’s what I’m knee-deep… Continue reading Thursday Thirteen #130

Round Two

So I took a couple of days off from my editing to enjoy some other things in life like watching 24 on DVD with my wife and losing myself in the geekiest hobby ever, World of Warcraft. Tonight though is my time to begin my second round of editing on my Robert story. I’m also… Continue reading Round Two

16 Pages To Go

I finally banged out some editing last night. I went from page 100 to page 106, leaving me with only 16 pages left to edit. The pages I went through last night definitely need some tweaking and I may even drop half of a chapter because it doesn’t seem to do anything and is a… Continue reading 16 Pages To Go

I’ve Got Nothing

So for the past few days I’ve been talking about editing. I’ve been thinking about editing. I’ve been living and breathing editing. How’s my story coming? I haven’t edited in almost six days. What the hell??? Live and such gets in the way along with that pesky need to sleep, work, eat, etc. I was… Continue reading I’ve Got Nothing

I Must Focus

My editing has gotten (almost) the end. I’m on page 100 of 122 and my mind has been drifting ahead on publishing. The more I think about it, the more I’m not editing. I gotta focus and get this thing done. At my current rate, this round of editing should be done within two or… Continue reading I Must Focus