Talk your way out of it

You’ll have to excuse the lack of picture for today’s post. I spent a good 10 minutes looking for a picture that would fit today’s topic or be a play on words for today, but I was unable to find anything. So, you’re stuck with just this entry. Right now, I want you to close… Continue reading Talk your way out of it

Just Write BlogCarnival for April 18

Welcome to the April 18, 2008 edition of just write. Copyrighting/Freelance Thursday Bram presents Re-thinking My Stance on International Projects posted at, saying, “Freelancers often have to make choices about which types of projects they’ll take on. Lately, I’ve been rethinking one of my project criteria.” Amy Munnell presents Penny for Your Thoughts…Markets for… Continue reading Just Write BlogCarnival for April 18

Round Two

So I took a couple of days off from my editing to enjoy some other things in life like watching 24 on DVD with my wife and losing myself in the geekiest hobby ever, World of Warcraft. Tonight though is my time to begin my second round of editing on my Robert story. I’m also… Continue reading Round Two

Just Write BlogCarnival (edition nine)

Welcome to the January 25, 2008 edition of Just Write! Steve Osborne presents E-Mail Etiquette posted at, saying, “Steve Osborne, author of “Writing Tips for the Real World,” is a professional freelance writer and writing instructor with over 20 years of experience.” Blogging/Journaling Stephen Dean presents Deciphering Cosmopolitan Magazines posted at Stephen Dean’s Copywriting… Continue reading Just Write BlogCarnival (edition nine)

Amazing Writing Tips

While browsing around some writing blogs out there, I came across one by published author JA Konrath that talks about Escaping the Vacuum. The post talks about ways to improve your writing during the solitary process of writing a book. There is also posted information about networking, feedback and just tons more that is great.… Continue reading Amazing Writing Tips


I was browsing the Absolute Write FAQ on formatting manuscripts for submission. This FAQ is really interesting, as it goes through all the nitty-gritty questions that many people (including myself) have. Here’s one of the top tips I found there: Chapter Start Point Definition: When beginning a new chapter, the point on the page where… Continue reading Formatting

Tools of the trade

When it comes to writing, environment plays a pretty big role. Everything from your computer to the chair you sit in all contribute to the content you put out. Everyone works differently and I have certain things I have going on while the thoughts flow to my keyboard. 1. Music. Music is essential to my… Continue reading Tools of the trade