Editing Round 1: Complete!


Well it’s been six months in the making but yesterday in a marathon session I completed the first round of editing of my Robert story! At times I found it hard to focus but I got through the final ten pages and it was great to save my progress on the last word of the document. Talk about exciting!

This round of editing has opened up my eyes to show me the piece is not ready for prime time. My initial thoughts were to write the book, edit once and then self-publish via print on demand. My writers group has opened my eyes to show me that not only do I need to do more to polish it but I also could have a great story on my hands. I really don’t want to screw this up and so I came up with a better editing system to give this book the best chance possible:

1. Read entire book and line edit. Make changes and insert items as needed.
2. Refine the structure. Move things around, add needed items, etc. Make it flow and work better.
3. Beta readers. Have a few people read it and go to town with suggestions, thoughts, etc.
4. Final edit. Take everything from beta readers and incorporate as needed.

I think once I completed these four items, I will have a piece I can feel good about and I can begin sending it out for submission & also query agents.

For now, though I’m going to celebrate with some ice cream and TiVo! W00t!

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