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Last week I was graced with a comment by Stephanie, a fellow writer who is working on starting a new e-zine for writers. This publication is online-only and looking for people to submit their work if they’re looking to get published. I thought this new publication, The Oddville Press, sounded interesting and I wanted to give you all the opportunity to ‘hear’ Stephanie talk about it.

I encourage everyone to submit if they’re able to. Now I turn it over to Stephanie:

The Oddville Press is a non-profit e-zine put together by writers in order to bring high quality fiction, poetry, and artwork to the forefront. It all started when Mike Coombes posted a thread on a writing forum entitled, “Looking for Talented Writers, Editors & Geeks.”

As you can imagine, a number of people—primarily writing geeks looking for a quick fix—jumped on board and quickly set the pedals in motion. In my opinion, one of the coolest aspects to our e-zine is the fact that we have members from, literally, all over the world—England, Ireland, America, Norway, Australia, Japan, and probably others as well. As far as I’m aware, none of us know each other outside of our meetings in cyberspace.

We accept work from any writer, whether unpublished and living in his grandmother’s basement or an international best-seller willing to throw us a bone. Simply put, we love to read—so much in fact that we’re willing to spend evenings and weekends staring at a glowing computer screen to find good writing.

We accept work from most genres barring slash, fan fiction, erotica, Tolkienesque fantasy, ‘angst’ poetry, and any work containing quotes not written by the author. We also don’t accept previously published work, which includes work posted on a blog. (We’re just getting started and could really do without a lawsuit!)

We’re still accepting submissions for our first issue, and so far, it’s looking to be fantastic. If you’d like to be in on it, by all means send us your work! Our submissions guidelines can be found here.

Thanks very much and I look forward to reading your work! (And a hearty thank you to Aaron as well for letting me hijack his blog temporarily.)

Stephanie Kraner

Public Relations Representative and General Caterer of Nonsensical Rhetoric

The Oddville Press


  1. When you say you don’t accept stuff from a blog, what about if it’s from your own blog? Can these be accepted?

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