Capacious Kindle for May 24: eBooks Arrive

One interesting thing about not updating this blog too much over the past few years is the fact that I’ve failed to capture the rise of the Kindle and eBooks as a whole. The Kindle has been the best-selling device on Amazon’s website for years but now we’re hearing about a whole new class of writers either breaking out (Amanda Hocking) or moving to it (JA Konrath). The eBook has certainly arrived. With the additions of the B&N Nook, Apple’s iBooks app for the iPad and the Sony Reader, there’s no shortage of ways to read on the go.

Here’s where things get REALLY interesting. On May 19th, the New York Times published an article showing that for the first time ever, Amazon is selling more Kindle books than print books. This isn’t more paperback or genre or anything else. Physical books. “Amazon sells 105 books for its Kindle e-reader for every 100 hardcover and paperback books, including books without Kindle versions and excluding free e-books.”

The eBook has arrived and we’re in the middle of this revolution. We’re not only in an exciting time for readers and their access to content but also for authors that have regained a huge amount of control over their destiny. As a writer AND a reader, I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

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