The Weekender for May 20-22: Stop Aspiring

Twitter is interesting in the fact that it’s a collection of the vast knowledge we all possess and the people it brings us into contact with. Besides being a huge time-waster we can utilize it to find out things by ‘asking the masses’ and also searching it. Used correctly, it’s not just for saying what you had for lunch.

I’m talking Twitter because last week I came across a tweet (I’d link to it but unfortunately it’s lost to the ether of the Internet) saying that if you put “aspiring writer” in your description, you shouldn’t. If you write, you’re a writer. You’re not aspiring to write. I’ve given this advice lots of thought and realized that person is right. I’m writing my third book in four years and I’ve hit a stride in my life where writing is important. Plus I have a goal in mind. We always hear about people saying “treat writing like a job” and “envision yourself at the end so you know how to get there.” I’ve done this and I keep reaching the same conclusion: I am a writer.

So from this point on I’m dropping the ‘aspiring’ moniker from any of my descriptions or titles. I don’t need my name in print in order to be validated as a writer. Of course that’s the goal and ultimate prize but I am a writer, book deal or not. I’ll say it once more:

I am a writer.


  1. I couldn’t agree more, Aaron. You either write or you don’t. I can be a runner without ever winning a race. I don’t need to publish a book to be a writer.

    Still, it took me almost a year to get comfortable saying, “I’m a writer”, but now it just rolls off my tongue. 🙂

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