All Out Of Sorts

Hey CN-ers out there! Talk about a busy and unexpected day yesterday. I was going to post a few things here about writing, freelancing and most importantly progress on Spirit Hackers. I was surprised to see that my wife took an almost full day off of work (I say almost because she went in for… Continue reading All Out Of Sorts

The Weekender: Oct 18 – 19

This weekend, I want to delve into a two-part ‘Weekender’ that I think everyone will want to chime in about: writing method. This is something that everyone who writes has an opinion about and more importantly a style they follow. In the past with everything I have written, it has been organically. My philosophy has… Continue reading The Weekender: Oct 18 – 19

Who the Frak Are You?

Good Wednesday C.N.-ers out there! I hope everyone is enjoying the great fall weather and ready for some interesting politics tonight with the final US Presidential Debate. I also hope you enjoyed the video review I did of the MacSpeech Dictate software. We’re not here to talk politics though today, I want to talk about… Continue reading Who the Frak Are You?

The Weekender: Oct 10 – 12

It’s Friday evening and time for another analysis of the writing world for everyone out there. I first want to say thanks to everyone who posted their thoughts and comments for the inaugural edition of The Weekender and I’m glad it got everyone thinking. As always, you are welcome to post your thoughts and responses… Continue reading The Weekender: Oct 10 – 12