Thursday Thirteen #136

A good Thursday to everyone! On this week’s Thursday Thirteen, I want to go back to inspiration. I’m trying to be a writer and I think many who read my posts here feel the same way. We’re all trying to get our ideas out there and to make something of our literary abilities. So for this week, I want to tell you why I write.

I’d love to know why *you* write! Please let me know in the comments.

Thursday 13
Thirteen reasons I want to write by Aaron Crocco

1. I have so much that’s happened in my life already that needs to be told.

2. I’ve come across too many crappy movies, TV shows and books that I know I could do better than them.

3. I want to put my degree to use, instead of wasting it in the IT sector as I’m doing right now.

4. I’d love to have even a glimmer of a chance of possibly making a living out of writing and have it be my ‘day job’.

5. A well thought out movie makes me want to strive to be that good.

6. I’ve found that writers make a great community and it’s really inspiring to get real feedback on my work.

7. People believe I can do it. I don’t want to dissapoint.

8. It’s a great outlet for all the crap in my mind.

9. It explores all the oddities my mind comes up with.

10. It’s a great stress reliever.

11. It makes me want to read more and learn more styles and tricks.

12. It makes me a better writer for the next project.

13. It’s fun. It’s hard work and time consuming but believe me it’s fun to meet those goals and actually have a book in your hands that you can call your own.

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