Just Write BlogCarnival for April 18

Welcome to the April 18, 2008 edition of just write. Copyrighting/Freelance Thursday Bram presents Re-thinking My Stance on International Projects posted at thursdaybram.com, saying, “Freelancers often have to make choices about which types of projects they’ll take on. Lately, I’ve been rethinking one of my project criteria.” Amy Munnell presents Penny for Your Thoughts…Markets for… Continue reading Just Write BlogCarnival for April 18

Just Write BlogCarnival (edition nine)

Welcome to the January 25, 2008 edition of Just Write! Steve Osborne presents E-Mail Etiquette posted at TheWritersBag.com, saying, “Steve Osborne, author of “Writing Tips for the Real World,” is a professional freelance writer and writing instructor with over 20 years of experience.” Blogging/Journaling Stephen Dean presents Deciphering Cosmopolitan Magazines posted at Stephen Dean’s Copywriting… Continue reading Just Write BlogCarnival (edition nine)