All Out Of Sorts


Hey CN-ers out there! Talk about a busy and unexpected day yesterday. I was going to post a few things here about writing, freelancing and most importantly progress on Spirit Hackers. I was surprised to see that my wife took an almost full day off of work (I say almost because she went in for 2 hours) and we got to spend a whole Monday off together. Luckily I had a ‘future-post’ set and you guys got some Kindle goodness to read.

The day started off planned out and then we decided to go out and get some lunch. Four hours and some shopping later…. my initial plan was shot, but it didn’t matter as I hadn’t had such a great day with my wife in a long while due to us working opposite shifts.

So…. where does this leave me and Copious Notes? Really it’s just a day behind. I had a post planned for today and plan to post that in just a few hours. I’ll work on Monday’s items for tomorrow and then I should be back on track for everyone.

I hope all your writing is going great and you are all keeping stress-free in this time of busy shopping and planning for family visits!


  1. I cherish those days with my husband. Lately he’s only been getting one day off every two weeks so we try to go to lunch and/or the beach to relax. It definitely makes you appreciate each other!

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