Free Writing Perspective


Sometimes when thinking about writing in general, odd things will pop into my head. One such thing was me remembering my writing classes I took back in high school. We did many writing exercises that included free writing. One of the shorts I came out with was a memoir based on one of my favorite TV shows, Sliders. It was just a bunch of stuff describing the show’s plot and all based on the main charactar.

This thought process led me to realize that all my free writing and journal writing has been first-person. I don’t know why I do this but almost all my stories in my journal begin with “I” within the first or second sentence. Is this common? Is your journal writing first person? I’m curious to know.


  1. I don’t have a journal but I would imagine the answer is yes for most people.

    “I went to the store today” sounds more natural than “Auria went to the store today”

  2. Free writing is a great way to dig up seemingly lost memories. I have found that to happen myself from time to time. Recently I free write to develop out the back drops for larger fiction works I have rolling around in my head. You can see examples on my blog now. Great post and thanks

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