Fighting Back in 2010

Welcome to 2010! The future. Well, not so much. We don’t have flying cars, people living in space, time travel, robots, hoverboards or a thousand other things that were predicted for humanity. At least, not in real life. This is where our books come into play.

So a new year and (giving in to social convention) a new decade is upon us and I am in an interesting situation. A year ago, I sat in a chair and outlined my 2009 goals to everyone. I put myself on notice that there were things I wanted to do and things that needed to get done. Out of the five things on that list, I accomplished one: looking at other freelancing work. Spirit Hackers remains unfinished (though I did get some more written since that old post) but I am still determined to make it into a complete work and get it out there for the potential agents / publishers.

So what happened in 2009? The same thing that happens to everyone: life. I got sick, I procrastinated, I re-launched my podcast, I lost my drive. There’s plenty more that factors into my lack of writing and there’s plenty of blame go around but the focus of that is on me. *I* did not write. *I* got lazy and *I* did not want it bad enough.

I’ve said a hundred times on this blog that if you want something bad enough, you’ll make it happen. My lack of results reflect my desire to make things happen but I believe that is going to change.

So… for 2010 there’s no lofty goals. There’s not target word-counts. There’s no outlines, projects, plans, or anything else of structure. This year, 2010, is about one thing: writing. It doesn’t matter what I write. It doesn’t matter if anyone reads it. If I am to make a serious go at becoming a professional writer, I must do what others cannot: write. Days off will happen and other things I do will preempt words getting into stories, but the goal is to write. Whether it be blogging or getting the last sentence of Spirit Hackers out there, it’s all the same. Words are words.

So with that, I am off and running. My first post of 2010 is complete. If you’ve been here at all somewhat recently, you’ll see that I’ve implemented a new theme here at Copious Notes. I’m going to feel it out and see if I like it or if something better is out there. Feel free to let me know what you think.

For now, I (as always) thank you for stopping by. I’ll talk to you again soon.

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