Trying to Keep up With the Ecosystem

Hey there to all you copious notes readers! Just a quick disclaimer that this is a dictated post, so I apologize in advance for any odd grammatical errors.

As most of you know, bloggers like to read other bloggers blogs. It almost becomes an ecosystem where the people who read your blog of the peoples blogs you read. The same goes for comments on your entries were I will usually see comments from people who I like to read about. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the ecosystem. For example, my work schedule screws up my entire week layout. My Monday is actually a Tuesday and so that throws off my entire week. So while right now, it feels like a Tuesday to me it is actually Wednesday. With my week being thrown off like this, combined with the fact that I really don’t use the computer that much on the weekend I usually find myself behind on everybody’s entries by this time of the week.

I am looking at my RSS reader right now and there are currently 19 entries that I have yet to read from the eight blogs that I read all the time. These are 19 entries I want to comment on! It does feel a little overwhelming and I also feel like I am late to the party on the conversations that start within the comment threads. For example, creative a tagged me in a post back on September 3 rd. Now, he’s probably thinking I didn’t even read his blog when in fact I really want to answer the questions that are on his blog entry. I just haven’t gotten to it yet, which you can probably tell by the lack of entries here on copious notes.

I know for a fact that Colby Marshall has a great blog that really makes me laugh, but I haven’t even read her last five entries! Janna has had a lot of really interesting things happened lately, but I really like to read about. Unfortunately, she has five posts as well that I have yet to read! Talk about feeling like I have fallen very far behind. Additionally, I want to see what is new from Melanie and also auria, who just resumed for blog a couple of days ago.

So, I really hope to get back in the saddle and comment on all of your blogs and catch up with how all of you are doing. Additionally I hope you guys look forward to more entries from myself about how my progress is coming along with Spirit hackers. I haven’t forgotten about any of you guys and I hope to remain involved with how you are all doing in your writing lives.

Thanks for putting up with my lack of comments on all of your blogs!


  1. Aaron, the following rant is not directed at you. It’s my general observation about bloggers and comments.

    It’s odd to me…this comment for comment idea.

    Just because I comment on someone’s blog doesn’t mean that person has to provide a comment on mine.

    I may like their blog and they may not like mine…that’s cool. Don’t visit. Don’t comment. No hard feelings. None.

    But you know, there are Blog Comment Whores out there who think it’s rude if they leave a comment and the favor isn’t returned.

    I put my blog on hold in July, but I continued commenting on the blogs I enjoy. I would think that blog owners would appreciate that I have a sincere interest in their posts and continue to visit. Despite the fact my blog is on hold.

    How rude would it have been for me to say, “Well, I’m not going to comment on blogs until mine is out of hiatus.” That’s something a Blog Comment Whore would do, and as I mentioned in Colby’s blog a few months back, I’m a Blog Slut, not whore.

    Rant over.

  2. I totally understand where you’re coming from Auria. I also appreciate the help in relieving the stress a little and reminding me that this is all supposed to be fun. 🙂

    Any comment filled with sluts and whores is surely an interesting read! hehe.

  3. Imagine how I feel being out of touch for almost three weeks! I have so much catching up to do!

    Auria, I know what you mean. If someone comments on mine several times I’ll check out their blog, but I certainly don’t expect the same. Not everyone is interested in the same things and I don’t want to be hypocritical – commenting just for the sake of commenting. I only do so if I have something to say. 🙂

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