The Roadmap to Reading


So my Amazon Kindle is still churning around in Amazon’s ordering system on back-order. Today is day 16 of waiting and I’m really not a patient person. I’ve already scoped out the eBay scene and checked out the Sony eBook Reader. It ends up the Sony is PC-only so that’s a deal-breaker for me as I use a Mac. The markup on eBay is about $40 – $70 more than Amazon’s price but I used a $100 gift card + $100 birthday gift towards the purchase, so it’s a big premium I’d be paying to get this. I’m going on a trip on April 17th, so that’s my goal-date. If I get this thing any time before then, I’ll be alright.

So the entire reason of getting this thing is to help energize me to get back into reading. There’s a few books I’d like to read and I can also subscribe to the amazing Reader’s Digest and have it automatically delivered to my Kindle each month. So far there are two books I’m looking to start with:

Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by bill Bryson

I like books by Dan Brown and his style of writing makes you get into his stories really quick. The Bryson book is something I found while scouring Amazon a year ago and never got a chance to read. It looks interesting though.

So these are the next two books I’m going to read. I’m hoping that I get into these enough so that the Kindle ‘fades away’ and I’m just left with a great book. We’ll see what happens.

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