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Swiss Army Knife

My second round of editing my Robert book has gone well so far. I’m not calling it the Robert story any more because I feel it’s more than a story. It’s a novel. I need to be in the right mind-set. Anyhow… I’ve expanded the book more with this round where I’m focusing more on structure and flow. I’m addressing all the sub-plots, chapter placements, etc. I have taken inventory of where certain sub-plots fall in the book and moved the around accordingly. I want to make sure they’re evenly spaced out and they fit.

My last round of editing on Friday brought me to a sub-plot that I didn’t know what to do with. I ended up cutting a lot of it out because it just didn’t fit. I did salvage some of it by modifying it and making it work better so it’s more of a small trait of Robert and not an entire plot-line.

I don’t have much more to go, so we’ll see what happens. I’m going to need to put my beta readers on alert that their services will be needed soon. I’m estimating I’ll be done in a week or two.

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