Spirit Hackers Progress

9204 / 80000 words. 12% done!

I’ve been meaning to post an update to the progress of Spirit Hackers for a few days now and I finally have the chance to do it, aside from all the other blog posts I’ve been putting up on here. The last update I put up here showed my progress to be 6,100+ words. I didn’t post a page-count so I don’t know how many pages I’ve progressed. This is mostly due to me using the Scrivener feature where the page counts are an estimated 350 words-per-page method used for paperbacks and not the actual printed page count.

I’ve gotten some writing done this past week. Some days were really productive and others not so much. I found that the dictation software helps a lot in getting many words down but I seem to pause much more when using it and I don’t get into a flow or groove. I’m worried that may show when it’s read and I will need to pay attention to those sections when I go back in the editing phase. In the previous few sessions I’ve had with S.H., I have typed it up the old-fashioned way using my fingers and a keyboard.

I have been working on chapter six and it’s been a bit frustrating because I had a vision for where it would go and it just doesn’t want to get out what I need it to. I placed a note next to my typing area with the ‘Chapter Objectives’ which I thought would help but 2,000 words later I just built up to it and closed it off with a cliffhanger, which will lead into the objectives being given in the next chapter. I’m not really too upset about it, but I just struggled with the chapter. I’m glad to have it completed, even if I didn’t achieve the goals. I still lead up to them.

So this is where Spirit Hackers stands right now: 9,204 words with 24 pages (using the paperback calculation method). My goal for the book is at least 80,000 words and that’s why I included the meter at the top of the post. So far, so good.


  1. I did a quick count the other day and my pages average 350 words in Word. So I think you’re safe to base it off the program. Or, just stick with the word count. Everything I’ve read says agents & publishers judge from word count since the pages can fluxuate.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hmm, maybe I don’t have enough dialogue? My pages always get closer to 450-500 words. Odd. I think it’s great that you’re finally working on Spirit Hackers and that it’s coming along, even if you’re struggling a little. Keep pushing!

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